I have worked with the highly skilled and talented crew at FlashFrame and find their service and product to be of the very highest standards. Not only is the quality of their work outstanding, but it is truly a pleasure to work with them. Their demeanor and speed are a pleasure. I have found their product to be extremely helpful marketing high end luxury real estate.
— Leonard Steinberg, Compass

I can’t say enough about FlashFrame’s property video work for the De Niro Group. Their videos have helped us get regional and international buyers in to see our listings, often from outside New York- and the videos have helped lead to multiple sales of our properties. Video is an incredible marketing tool to reach a broader audience, and FlashFrame is hands down leading the way. We highly recommend them.
— The De Niro Group, Douglas Elliman

My projects with FlashFrame have become a career-defining aspect of my work. Many clients hire me based on my video exposure, and they enjoy the bump in business they receive when FlashFrame shoots their home. In this era, FlashFrame is the leading edge… For me its been a fantastic asset. It’s been a fundamental part of my business plan and it has paid off. FlashFrame just presents the property in such a beautiful way and such a great light that your seller is going to be very pleased. It’s going to separate you from the pack.
— Brian Lewis, Compass

I am beyond pleased with FlashFrame Productions. Their ability to create superb videos that align with my team’s and company’s branding, emphasizing my strengths and minimizing my weaknesses on air is exceptional. And they are reasonably priced. Great value and great people.
— Patrick Lilly, CORE

FlashFrame’s property videos have been instrumental in getting my listings extra exposure and helped to get potential buyers in to see the property in person. The video actually made the buyers remember more about my exclusive and set me apart from other properties out there. FlashFrame exceeded all expectations. I wouldn’t go with anyone else.
— Vickey Barron, Corcoran

With over 85% of real estate searches starting online, it’s important to innovate how we present online offerings so that potential buyers can experience the property from anywhere in the world via computer or portable device. When using video production to present your property, FlashFrame is the logical first choice, as they have a proven track record and a superior product that is unmatched in the industry.
— Chris Poore, Sothebys

Working with FlashFrame was a real pleasure, and their video tours have really helped to show off our properties to a wider audience. We highly recommend them.
— Daniela Kunen, Douglas Elliman

I’ve done many videos with FlashFrame. I’ve actually had several people come in from out of state after going through the video and coming to the property, making offers and going into contract. So its actually been pretty phenomenal. The videos are so well done and have become so popular that I actually have sellers now request them when I go into initially discuss the marketing plan.
— Ivana Tagliamonte, Halstead Real Estate

I did a video tour with FlashFrame for a high end property, and the reason that this tool was great was because I had a lot of out of town buyers who were potentially interested in it. They told me how incredibly helpful the video was in terms of their decision to actually come and see the apartment… So if there’s a tool that can make your property stand out, then it would be silly not to use it.
— Emma Kerins, Halstead Real Estate

There’s that saying, a picture is worth a thousand words- and if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million words. There’s no better way to get people into the apartment then by giving them a tour of the home on video. FlashFrame understands real estate, they understand how to sell something, and that’s really helpful. I have full faith in them that everything they do looks good and my sellers love the final results.
— Renee Fishman, Halstead Real Estate